Lumina wood and wood aluminum frames are totally hidden in the wall and have a glass surface of more than 20%. Furthermore, they guarantee lower maintenance operations and better thermal performances. Lumina is a combination of technique and design, a totally new conception towards the renovation of internal environments, where light, energy consumption optimization (both in winter and in summer), acoustic insulation and a cutting-edge design elevate your home to the maximum value.

Zero maintenance, competitive costs and very high customization possibilities make it a fixture that makes the difference in terms of quality of living.

Lumina. Space to light.





Why use wood as a building material?

Because our concept of elegance is dedicated to those who love the comfort of the natural raw material but at the same time want to bring out the best of their environment.

Wood, a still charming tradition.

Obtain all the warmth and prestige of the wooden frames, but with the advantage of not having to think about maintenance, a combination of two prestigious materials for a high performance frame.

Performance in its purest form.