Whether your home follows a modern trend or the timeless classic accents, you will find in the Opera line the possibility to freely move between design and comfort, between practicality and tradition. An harmonious fusion of the two conceptions.

 An object that will immediately stand out elevating the value of your interior.

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Dolce Vita


Pantographed wooden doors

This series of products is inspired by the famous Federico Fellini film “La Dolce Vita”.

 No door has the reassuring aspect of a wooden door. The raw material par excellence brings to your home a note of tranquility, whether it is modern elegance or comfortable tradition.

 The Dolce Vita wooden doors are designed not to be just simple functional steps from one environment to another but also essential architectural elements.

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Framed wooden doors

A Diva door will soon become the star of your home, thanks to the many stylistic possibilities these wooden doors will become an accent of traditional or contemporary style adapting perfectly to the environment.

They will provide a solid and durable reliability thanks to the quality of the material used.

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