Dolce Vita


Inspired by Federico Fellini’s famous film “La Dolce Vita”


No door looks like a reassuring wooden door. The raw matter par excellence gives to your house a sense of tranquillity, both if it is elegant and modern or  if its style is comfortable and traditional.

The doors of the DOLCE VITA line are designed not for being mere functional means of passage from a room to another but also as necessary architectural elements.

Best Details

Perfect even in invisible details. Our interior doors are made with the highest level of care and mastery. The same we use in all projects.


We will help you transform your home walls into a special atmosphere. No material is more welcoming than wood.


The wide range of possibilities offered by the Dolce Vita line will allow you to perfectly integrate your residential project, whatever the style you choose.

Dolce Vita Classics

  • Fellini

  • Marcello

  • Oscar

  • Valeria

  • LEx

  • Sernas

  • Trevi

  • Piero

  • Calvino

  • Anita

  • Laura

  • Adriano

  • Nadia

  • Polidor

  • Megali

  • Orsini

Dolce Vita Contemporary

  • Walter

  • Riccardo

  • Olivetti

  • Doria

  • Harriett

  • Angela

  • Girola

  • Carlo

  • Giulio

  • April

  • Maurizio

  • Ada

  • Lori

  • Umberto

  • Pasolini

  • Gloria

  • Lilly

  • Thomas

Oak Versions

  • Bianco poro a vista

  • Avorio poro a vista

  • Tinto ciliegio

  • Noce biondo

  • Noce scuro

  • Moka

Toulipier Versions

  • Noce biondo

  • Noce scuro

  • Tinto ciliegio

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